Many aircraft owners decide to charter their aircraft. The cost of aircraft ownership is important to consider, and chartering your aircraft can help to offset that cost. While there is not an exact design recipe for chartered aircraft, making any of the below selections helps to enhance the durability and longevity of your aircraft interior.

100% Wool Loop Carpet

A loop construction carpet is extremely durable. As its name implies, it’s made up of loops that are packed tightly together. Combining varying loop heights and yarn colors provides countless design options. This type of construction is less likely to crush and is easy to clean. When combined with 100% wool content, which is naturally dirt repellent, you’ll have a long-lasting carpet! Aircraft carpet is the most common item that gets replaced, so selecting one that will support your aircraft’s mission will save you money and aircraft downtime.

The Right Fabrics

Whether it’s for a curtain, divan, or lumbar pillow, fabric in your aircraft helps to absorb sound and creates beautiful interiors. Due to regulations in aviation, only certain types of fabric content are suitable for your plane, and they are mostly natural fibers (think wool, silk, cotton, etc.) The content combined with the type of fabric weave and construction determines what application a fabric is most suited for. For example, a cotton twill weave is known to be very durable, while a satin silk weave is beautiful and lustrous, but delicate and likely to snag. There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting fabric, so work with a design professional to select a fabric that best meets your needs and the application.

Durable Seating

Leather seats in an aircraft are almost standard due to their excellent durability, luxurious hand, and custom options. Incorporating leather in other areas of the aircraft is a good way to help improve longevity. Areas like the divan base and armrests are perfect spots to add a touch of leather. It’s also important to carefully consider the color you choose for your seating since lighter colors tend to show wear sooner than others.

Interior Panels

The headliner, PSU, and upper sidewalls are the perfect places for ultraleather. It protects the cabin from pen marks or even red wine stains. Upper sidewalls covered in ultraleather won’t accidentally snag like fabric might and are easy to maintain. Most ultraleather wipes clean with typical industry cleaners, even bleach! Ultraleather also comes in a myriad of styles and colors to enhance your aircraft interior.

Vinyl Flooring in the Vestibule, Galley and Lavatory

Using a hard flooring in the vestibule, galley, and lavatory is something I recommend to all my customers, charter or not. Vinyl is an excellent choice due to its flexibility and the ease of removal during a maintenance event.  These locations are high-wear areas and more susceptible to weather intrusion, dirt, and spills. Vinyl will help to protect your aircraft and keep the interior looking new. Its color and design options have also come a long way! If cabin noise or a cold floor is a concern, throw carpets made for these areas are a great solution. 

These are just a few of the many ways you can tailor your aircraft interior for charter. When working with customers, I provide an aircraft evaluation to gain a better understanding of the current state, desired future state, and what it will take to get there. If you decide to charter your aircraft, creating your interior is a delicate balance of designing an aircraft interior that’s uniquely yours, while incorporating design solutions that will keep your interior looking new for longer.

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