A soft goods refurbishment includes items like carpet, seating, headliner and sidewall panels. As its name suggests, the aircraft receives all-new soft materials. A soft goods refurbishment excludes veneer and typically doesn’t include a floor plan change. Renewing your interior like this can completely transform your aircraft and allow you to tailor it to your unique taste. 

For this Gulfstream GIV-SP conceptual design, the aircraft’s traditional beige interior transforms into a sleek mid-century modern haven. The design incorporates clean lines by streamlining the interior and using a classic seat design.

In addition to a soft goods refurbishment, new countertops are added to take the galley to the next level. The new design reveals the aircraft’s beautiful existing features like the satin-finished veneer and chrome rectangular latches. 

Autumn Elizabeth Design provided this conceptual design to an aircraft broker as a tool to help reveal this GIV-SP’s potential. Virtual staging is increasing in popularity for real estate due to its ability to increase buyer interest, sell properties faster, and allow buyers to see the potential of a space. 

Like homes, some buyers find it challenging to visualize a new interior in an aircraft. Worn carpets or bold color choices make it difficult for buyers to see themselves flying in the plane. Providing a design concept rendering is a great supplement to traditional photos and allows buyers to see the possibility.