When I’m designing an aircraft interior, I always start with the carpet. Incorporating the perfect carpet brings the interior together and can offer a sense of warmth. Due to the narrow sight-lines of an aircraft, the carpet has a lot of visual impact, so it’s critical to get it right.

I’ve put together key items I consider when selecting a carpet to guide you through my process and assist you with your carpet choice! 

Here’s how I start: 


Before all else, I always want to understand how the customer uses the aircraft. Interiors with less foot traffic need less durability than interiors with frequent, full flights! I choose the type of construction and content of the carpet by understanding the level of durability required. 

One end of the spectrum is a 100% silk cut pile carpet, which is soft and lustrous. Silk is more delicate than wool, so I’d recommend this type of carpet to aircraft with low foot traffic or as accent throw rugs. 

On the other end is a 100% wool loop carpet, which is durable and stain-resistant. Loop construction helps prevent crushing and will keep your carpet looking newer longer. This carpet is a great choice to increase your aircraft interior’s longevity or if you charter your aircraft

All along the spectrum is a beautiful array of wool and silk combinations with varying types of construction. If I’ve fallen in love with a carpet that doesn’t meet my durability requirements, I work with the carpet manufacturer to develop alternatives with varying construction and/or content. It’s my priority to create an aircraft interior the customer loves, and that includes helping them make informed decisions about their carpet’s performance. 


The style of your carpet should enhance the design concept. There are limitless design options when it comes to carpet, which is a designer’s dream, but it can be overwhelming to some customers. The two core elements I consider when selecting a style are the color and pattern. Aircraft interiors typically include neutral-colored carpets with subtle patterns that evoke a serene atmosphere and help with resale. Many customers don’t know what style they want, which is perfectly okay! I work with you during my Aircraft Evaluation to help find what style you’re looking for. This allows me to offer carpet designs that best suit your aesthetic and help you elevate your aircraft’s interior. 


Aircraft carpet often has the longest lead time in a refurbishment project. However, carpet manufacturers have developed robust in-stock or quick-turn carpet options to meet more aggressive timelines. There are also ways to adjust your carpet’s lead time by changing its construction or colors. It’s been my experience that carpet lead times often put the most strain and stress on a refurbishment project. By ensuring the carpet selection (and other material selections) fit within the project timeline, I help customers plan for a successful project.