Want to know how to make your cabin truly custom? Or maybe you’re in the aviation industry and want to be able to spot a custom cabin.

As an aviation interior designer, I’ve seen the inside of a lot of private business jets, and there are telltale signs of a custom interior. For the sake of this blog, I’ll clarify what custom means to me. In business aviation, everything is some level of custom. Clients tailor their cabins by picking leather, carpet, and other materials that are just for them. However, I’ll be discussing the sort of custom that takes interiors to another level. 

Here are a few design features to look for in a custom interior.

Veneer Inlay


aviation interior design_custom Bulkhead.jpg


Any time you see something unique happening with the veneer, there was a lot of time and planning involved. When I say veneer inlay, I’m not talking about a standard metal trim or a starburst design on the tables. Although those are both beautiful, they’re a pretty standard offering (seat quilting is this way too- but more on that later). 

I consider veneer inlay custom when there is a unique design that someone had to dream up and draw out. Sometimes they’re subtle, and other times they’re like works of art. Custom pieces like this take meticulous attention to detail and precise measurements on both the design side and the manufacturing side to make it a reality. 

Unique Furniture Shapes


Private Jet Custom Lavatory.jpg


To make a cabin feel one-of-a-kind, you must change the furniture shapes. It could be the countertop in the galley or the footprint of a credenza. You can make something curvy that’s straight or visa versa. Changing the shape of standard aviation furniture takes a lot of design, detailed specifications, and engineering.

Furniture design is the biggest proponent of a custom interior since there is so much time, cost, and planning involved. When you see unique furniture pieces in a cabin, you’re looking at something special!

Stitching and sew patterns

ornamental stitch.jpg

Seating is the first thing I notice in a cabin. You’ve probably detected there are a set number of seat styles for different aircraft that are standard. A seat shape usually has to do with engineering and how regulated the specifications are for deviations in the foam build-up. On some models, the world is your oyster for customizing your seat, and on others, you only have a few inches of play. 

A custom seat may include decorative hand-stitching or a unique placement of materials. The seams and pull lines will have beautiful gestures that enhance the cabin’s design and are anything but standard.

In my opinion, diamond quilting in a seat is no longer a sign of a custom interior (there was a time where it was). Suppliers have responded to demand for this option and can provide it easily and with short lead times. It’s still a lovely feature, but just not a custom one. However, I do think you can have a quilting pattern that is very custom. Quilted leather is a great way to add a custom feel to a seat when you’re confined to keeping a regulated shape.

Faucets and Handles 


Private Jet Galley_Custom Faucet.jpg


Most refurbishment centers and OEMs have standard faucets and handles. If a client wants to vary from any of those styles, it includes burn-testing and engineering, which is why you don’t see many variations. I also think clients don’t know they have other options available to them. 

This refurbishment project included a lovely Waterworks faucet in the galley and lavatory. It took a lot of extra time ensuring the dimensions and plumbing connections would work, but it was completely worth it. 

Custom China, Crystal, Flatware, and Loose Equipment




Did you know the china, crystal, and flatware (and sometimes even the blankets and pillows) often get passed along when the plane changes hands? The custom fittings in the galley hold those exact pieces, so selecting something different would mean redoing all your drawers. 

Custom china, crystal, and flatware may incorporate company logos or colors, or monograms. They can even include a motif that runs throughout the interior. In a custom interior, your designer can help you specify every detail. Even china enhances the aesthetic of the cabin.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and learned something new about custom aircraft interiors! Contact me here if you want your jet to be beautifully custom!