Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of connecting with Gil Wolin, the publisher of Business Aviation Advisor. I was very excited at the prospect of being published in a magazine and pitched a few topic ideas to see what a good fit for his upcoming issues might be. We agreed that an article on sustainable design options for aircraft interiors would be a perfect complement to their March/April that would be honoring Earth Day with a digital-only release.

The topic of sustainability is one that’s close to my heart. In my home, I do my best to purchase products that are better for the environment, and I want to support companies that are doing their best for the planet too. The interior design industry has put a lot of great certifications and tools in place to help guide interior designers on choosing sustainable products, and many of these same suppliers are utilized for aviation interiors. While the aviation community has a long way to go until the interior or refurbishment process is considered sustainable or green, there are still efforts and choices that can be made to help create a more sustainable interior.

To learn more, please read my article “Comfortably Green” in Business Aviation Advisor here!