Recently I had the pleasure of speaking on the podcast Jet Blast about some things your aircraft interior designer wishes you knew! It was such a fun topic, and I enjoyed getting to share it! I’ve embedded the podcast below if you’d like to listen, and also summarized some of the key points!




  • Providing inspiration is key. As your aviation interior designer, my goal is to get to know you and your style in a short amount of time! Anything you can do to help me understand what things, places, and styles you love will be really helpful!

  • Trust your instincts. The process is about you and your style, so if something isn’t feeling right, be sure to let your interior designer know! Design is so personal. It’s about what you love and what makes you happy. It’s my goal to make sure the end product exceeds your expectations.

  • If you have unique design challenges, that’s the time to lean on your interior designer for guidance. This may be trying to combine multiple people’s styles or finding the right balance of durable and custom. Having an expert lead you through these tough design decisions will ensure your aircraft is both beautiful and functional.

  • The process should be fun! Don’t be intimidated by working with an interior designer. Your sense of style is a very personal thing, and even if you aren’t sure what you’re style is, I’m here to act a judgment-free guide to help you find it.

  • Start talking to an aviation interior designer at least 6 months out if you’re thinking about a refurbishment. The sooner, the better! To plan and accommodate all the design options, you want to allow yourself as much time as possible. Custom samples can take a long time, and some material lead times can take longer than expected.

  • Beware of what I like to call option fatigue. Sometimes when customers aren’t sure what they’re looking for, they want to see lots of options and become overwhelmed by all the choices. But don’t fear! I’ve looked at hundreds of options, so you don’t have to. I will present you with only the best options, guiding you along the way.