Choosing a paint scheme is no easy task. Not only is painting your aircraft an important part of protecting it, but it’s also an opportunity to show a little personality! Companies will use their corporate colors to adorn swooping stripes or add their logo to the tail. Some owners choose their favorite colors or repeat a fleet scheme. When selecting your paint scheme, don’t miss the opportunity to create something that is uniquely yours.

If you aren’t sure what type of paint scheme you like, here are some basic categories to help get you started.


Classic schemes are by far the most popular category. This scheme is usually a white fuselage with a couple of stripes or a two-tone scheme. They are also timeless and are appealing to most. One benefit of a classic paint scheme is the ability to change only the stripe color. This is a great option when buying or selling an aircraft.



This category utilizes classic schemes and puts a modern twist on them. OEM demonstrator planes generally fall into this category. You may still have a classic white fuselage, but the stripes flow in a new and unique way.



You know a bold paint scheme when you see it, and it will stop you in your tracks. Solid colored aircraft (black, gold, etc.) fall into this category as well as paint schemes with bright unusual colors. For this category, there might be a dramatic contrasting design or something simple where the paint color steals the show. This type of scheme is definitely for those who want to be noticed.



A creative paint scheme is often playful or elaborate and is the rarest of the four categories. These exteriors are works of art. Typically, a creative scheme covers every inch of the aircraft and requires a detailed paint mask for its application.


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