Curious about what to expect when you’re starting an aircraft refurbishment project? Here’s a look into the process at Autumn Elizabeth Design.

Aircraft Evaluation & Exploration

This is where I get to learn all about you and how you use your aircraft. I want to hear about what inspires you, the things you love, how you want to feel in your aircraft, and how you need your aircraft to support your lifestyle. Together we’ll assess your aircraft to develop and refine a work-scope that fits your timeline and budget. I’ll walk you through my evaluation form and ask things like, where do you sleep on the aircraft and how long do you usually sleep for? What do you like to wear while flying? These small nuances all play a part in being able to develop a design that serves you aesthetically and functionally.  




Design Development

This is the exciting part! This is where I apply my expertise in aviation design to source materials and create custom designs based on your desires. I’ll arrange one (or multiple) meetings with you and present a design solution that will include renderings, materials, finish samples, etc. I’m there to listen, hear your thoughts, and provide options and feedback all along the way. It’s my goal to make this process fun and enjoyable for you, all while creating a space that is uniquely yours.  


Aircraft Refurbishment.jpg


Your Plan

Did you know one of the most challenging aspects of any aircraft refurbishment is synchronizing the material lead time with the work schedule? The custom designs and materials that are going into your aircraft can have surprisingly long lead times, and the best way to counteract that is to have your design plan finalized before your aircraft inputs. The ideal scenario is that all of your materials are ordered ahead of your arrival, so when the plane inputs, all the materials required are ready to go. This, of course, isn’t always feasible, which means it’s even more important that you have a design plan. In this phase, I assemble and document all the details of your design and work closely with your refurbishment facility of choice to ensure everything goes smoothly. 




Project Management & Delivery

Once you have the design, it’s time to make it a reality! While aircraft refurbishments all follow similar processes, each has unique challenges. During this time I’m communicating regularly with your refurbishment facility to ensure that the project is executed per the design plan. We’ll establish how often you’d like to be updated and the most convenient means of communication for you. Your work-scope will determine the milestones of the project and how many site visits I make. I will act as your eyes and ears until the final delivery of your aircraft. This is when you get to enjoy and take in your new interior! Spending time in your aircraft after it is refurbished is encouraged to be sure everything is to your liking. Lastly, I’ll schedule a brief follow-up call to address any questions and request feedback about your experience. Your satisfaction and happiness with your refurbished aircraft are my top priority and I want to be sure you feel proud every time you step onboard.